Skull tattoo designs



Skull tattoo: meaning of the skull tattoo

A skull tattoo is an absolute classic among body decorations. In contrast to the related La Catrina tattoo, the design of a skull tattoo is not limited to any specific features. We show you how different the motif can look and what meanings a skull tattoo has.

At first glance, many skull tattoos look scary because they inevitably remind you of death. Nevertheless, the motif could not be more common and is very popular with both men and women. And they don't necessarily have to be pirates, bikers or rock stars. In fact, the meaning of a skull tattoo is not as negative as one might assume at first glance. If, in addition to classic tattoos such as anchor or star tattoos, you are also interested in a skull, then find out more about its meaning now.

This is the meaning of a skull tattoo

The meaning of a tattoo is of course very much dependent on what the wearer thought of the tattoo. In general, however, the following meanings often apply to a skull tattoo:

  • The transience of life: Especially in the Gothic scene, the skull tattoo is also a widespread symbol for the transience of life, but also for dark thoughts, fears, worries and problems. One can generally see death as the bearer of the meaning of this tattoo. Perhaps such a tattoo symbolizes the decisive death of a friend or family member for the individual. Otherwise it can also be that a skull as a tattoo stands for your own health and that you may have overcome a serious illness.

Cat tattoo designs


Cat tattoos and the meanings

The cat symbolist independence, and thought freedom. Cats have a good reputation for always falling on four paws and nine alive. Paleontologists have found that cats have evolved over 50,000,000 years and that they are intelligent hunters. Since then, people's hearts have been gripped with love, hate, loyalty and fear. In cultural history and mythology, the cat symbolizes bad luck or luck. Sometimes even revered as holy gods and sometimes despised as servants of the devil.

  • The importance of the cat tattoo in this day and age

Cats used to be threatened with extinction, but nowadays the city and the populated region have an excess of cats boom and the natural environment is endangered and people are trying to stay in control. But today, as in the past, people love cats in addition to the material advantage, people want cats for spiritual and mystical reasons by their side.

  • The meaning of the cat symbol in ancient Egypt

The cat is not mentioned as much in any culture as in Egypt there is even a large stature of a cat in the ancients. The cat symbolizes femininity, motherhood, fertility. In the book of the dead by defeating the evil Apep, the Apep is shown as inferior to the cat. Most of the Egyptians are portrayed as cats in mythology. Sometimes as a complete cat, sometimes a whole person, and sometimes half cat, half human. For example, the ruler of the fate of the people, Sekhmet, has a lion head and the twin sister Mafdet has a house cat head. Some bring small cat statues or cat earrings and other jewelry to funerals and place them next to the grave. In ancient Egypt, where Bast Bubastis Temple of his personal presence, you can often see cat mummies.

Angel tattoo designs

Angel tattoos: shapes & meaning

The word "angel" comes from Latin and means "messenger" or "messenger". Angels are considered in many religions as beings who stand by God or the gods, but are differentiated from them. The heavenly beings are also considered to be mediators between the spiritual and the material world, which is why many wearers immortalize them as a memory of a lost person or as a protector on their skin. For others, the motif is simply beautiful.

These angel shapes are very common and popular with tattoo fans:

  • archangel
  • Guardian Angel
  • Fallen angel
  • Cherubim

In terms of color, most angel tattoos move between pink, blue, white, black and yellow.

The most beautiful angel motifs

Some people believe in the existence of angels, for others it doesn't matter whether angels really exist or not. Whatever reason you choose to get an angel tattoo is entirely up to you. In the following we will show you the most beautiful inspirations for your angel tattoo and their exact meaning.

  • Archangel tattoos & their meanings

The archangel is (according to belief) to be located directly behind God. He is often depicted as a fighter against evil with a sword and shield. The stars among the archangels are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel, who are found mostly in art and literature. They are assigned the following meaning:

Michael: Justice, Protection, Purification

Raphael: Emotional and physical healing, transformation, security

Gabriel: Change, new beginnings, joie de vivre

Uriel: Confidence, Grace, Strength

With an archangel tattoo, keep in mind that you may need a lot of space for the subject to work. Suitable parts of the body are, for example, the back or the upper arm.

  • Angel tattoo: guardian angel