Amazing flowers sleeve tattoo!

Amazing flowers sleeve tattoo for girs!


Full Sleeve Tattoos.

Arms are some of the great tattoo placements, since they provide large canvas to carve the tattoo. Sleeve tattoos, as the name suggests, are tattoo designs that are carved on the arms. A sleeve tattoo can be half sleeve, full sleeve or quarter sleeve. These tattoos are basically carved to have imitation of sleeve like pattern on the arms. Full sleeve tattoos wrap the arm from shoulder to the wrist, while quarter sleeve tattoos are carved between elbow and wrist. Half sleeve tattoos are sculpted between the shoulder and the elbow. Since these tattoos are easily visible, these tattoos are meant only for those people who do not have any problem in showing off their tattoo. Sleeve tattoos are basically large tattoo designs that cover either the entire arm or part of the arm. Dragon tattoos, Celtic tattoos, flame tattoos, etc., are some of the full sleeve tattoo ideas.

Full Sleeve Tattoo Ideas

A full sleeve tattoo can be a big tattoo or series of different tattoo designs carved to wrap the complete arm. Finding the right tattoo design for this placement can be a daunting process. The tattoo design should look stunning and wrap the arm area in an artistic manner. Many of the full sleeve tattoos are series of various tattoo designs. Here are some popular full sleeve tattoo ideas.

Flame Tattoos: 

Flame tattoos are some of the most popular designs for sleeve tattoo. Fire which is one of the four principal elements, is a symbol of change, destruction, knowledge and passion. There is a myriad of design options in flame tattoos and they make use of various vibrant colors. One can have a simple flame tattoo, a skull tattoo or nautical star tattoo with flames, a phoenix wrapped in flames or even a heart with burning flames on it.

Celtic Tattoos: 

If you are big fan of Celtic tattoos then you should surely go for a full sleeve Celtic tattoo. Celtic tattoos are characterized by running unending knots. Celtic butterfly, Celtic cross, Celtic knots, etc., are some of the Celtic design tattoos. For a full sleeve tattoo, you can combine these elements and make a big tattoo design. You can have a single long unending Celtic full sleeve tattoo, or join the various Celtic tattoos in artistic manner.

Floral Tattoos: 

Flower tattoos or floral tattoos, are basically full sleeve tattoo designs for women. These tattoos provide a large scope to experiment with various design patterns. You can easily combine these tattoos with bird tattoos, like swallow tattoos, or vine tattoos. Moreover, you also get a chance to use various beautiful colors.

Japanese and Chinese Tattoos: 

Eastern tattoos are known for their intricate designs. Dragon tattoos, Koi fish tattoos, cherry blossom tree tattoos, etc., make some of the best options for a full sleeve tattoo. Dragon tattoos have great symbolic meanings with every dragon tattoo having its unique symbolism. Cherry blossom tattoo is related to life, feminism and love and can be carved beautifully to wrap the arm.

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