Pretty butterfly White Ink Tattoo with exquisitely soft pastels for Girls.

Pretty butterfly White Ink Tattoo with exquisitely soft pastels for Girls.

White ink tattoos:


White and pastel tattoos have become much more popular in recent years, possibly due to celebs like Kate Moss and Lindsay Lohan sporting them, and possibly as a backlash against the current tattooing craze. White ink tattoos are subtle almost scar-like in their appearance and have a beauty all their own.

White ink isn't as opaque as black, and doesn't create as hard of a line. These tattoos are prone to fading over time, so you may want to have your worked touched up every few years. Some poor quality inks can appear yellow or blotchy when they fade,
make sure your artist uses a quality tattoo ink such as Intense, Eternal or Skin Candy and be sure to check out their portfolio to see any other white ink tattoos they've done. Some artists will NOT work with white ink on its own, and many will not provide a guarantee on the inks longevity.

Sun damage is No1 for fading ink, so use a sunscreen everyday, there are tons of great products now just for tattoos that have sunscreen right in them so there's no excuse to let the sun wreak havoc on your ink, or skin for that matter!

Choosing a design suitable for a white or pale ink is a little different than choosing a regular tattoo, but with a few simple guidelines you can pick something that will work perfectly.
Since this type of tattoo tends to be just line work, choose something with simple, flowing lines that don't have too much detail. Designs with a lot of color or shading may look odd if they are left as just lines, so consider tracing the lines of your intended image to see how it will look without the shading.

Simple tribal designs, henna & mend-hi styles and lettering are popular in white ink, and all work very well. This beautiful flower with Tibetan script is a wonderful example of a white ink tattoo done well, it's fine and delicate but still readable.

Traditional Mend-hi style is very popular for white ink-work, and quite ideal for it, given the focus on fine lines and detailed swirls, dots and patterns. It's also one of the easiest styles to test out, simply pick up a henna kit with a few designs or draw something of your own. It won't be exactly the same since henna isn't white, but is a great way to see how you like the size & placement of your design before making it permanent.

The lace-like bits and delicate patterns in this lovely piece make it a natural for white ink, looks so subtle and feminine!

by Andria Bronson

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Andria lives and loves the creative life---sewing custom clothing, drawing and design especially tattoo art.