Henna designs are beautiful!

Henna shoulder tattoo for girls

Henna tattoo designs:

Basically, traditional designs can be classified into African, Arabic and Indian. Other types include the Middle East style, which is inspired by the Arabic style. The Indonesian or Southeast Asian styles are a combination of Indian and Middle Eastern designs with blocks of color on the tips of fingers and toes. The North American style mainly deals with geometric floral patterns. Let's look at the basic types.

- African henna designs,

consists of very bold and big designs, made of broad lines. Most of the designs resemble geometric patterns, which are sometimes made of black henna.

- Arabic henna designs,

are characterized by floral designs, with thick lines. But as compared to the lines in the African designs, Arabic ones are thinner.

- Indian henna designs,

usually cover the entire hands, forearms, feet and shins. The designs are intricate and consist of paisley patterns, thin lines and teardrops. These are considered the most elaborate and delicate among henna designs and are very popular.