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Henna tattoos, the old fashioned new tattoos.

Henna mandala tattoos, the old fashioned new tattoos.


Henna mandala tattoos patterns: 

Henna patterns vary from region to region and in each region, henna has some significant meaning. They signify health, fertility, wisdom, spirituality and enlightenment. You can make them with the help of henna paste and you can vary the shade of your henna from light brown to dark brown with the help of various ingredients. These ingredients are added in different proportions to get different shades. These patterns are drawn all over the palm.

Henna Designs

Designs for Palms:

Henna patterns vary according to the region. Arabic patterns are floral and big, while Indian patterns are fine and lacy with small floral patterns. Traditional henna tattoos patterns are geometric patterns like circles, triangles and lines. All these shapes are combined to form a very trendy, as well as traditional design. Intricate designs can be drawn with a little practice. Flower arches, lotus, leave chains and henna web are some of the usual henna patterns for beginners. Usually, beginners start by drawing straight and curved lines. The very first step of drawing them is bordering the palm or drawing a circle at the center of the palm. While drawing the patterns on the palms, always remember to fill the patterns on the palm and then on the fingers. The most basic pattern is drawing a circle at the center of the palm and covering the upper crease of all the fingers on that hand with henna.

Henna designs are beautiful!

Henna shoulder tattoo for girls

Henna tattoo designs:

Basically, traditional designs can be classified into African, Arabic and Indian. Other types include the Middle East style, which is inspired by the Arabic style. The Indonesian or Southeast Asian styles are a combination of Indian and Middle Eastern designs with blocks of color on the tips of fingers and toes. The North American style mainly deals with geometric floral patterns. Let's look at the basic types.

- African henna designs,

consists of very bold and big designs, made of broad lines. Most of the designs resemble geometric patterns, which are sometimes made of black henna.

Elegant spine henna tattoo.

Elegant spine henna tattoo.

Henna tattoos:

What is Henna?

Henna is a plant. The leaves of the plant are dried and then crushed into a powder. The powder is then made into a paste that when applied to the skin, produces a beautiful reddish-brown stain. Henna is also used as a natural reddish hair dye.

Henna Tattoos.

In many cultures henna tattoos are used to celebrate special occasions and rites of passage through life. All over the world people use henna to celebrate pregnancy, manhood, marriage, holidays and even death. In India the art of henna tattooing is called Mehndi. The bridal tattoos done for Indian weddings are some of the most beautifully intricate tattoos around.

Getting a Henna Tattoo.

After you choose a tattoo design that you like, the tattoo artist then applies the paste to your skin. The paste needs to stay on the skin for 4 to 8 hours in order to produce a dark stain.