Superb work, Skull & human eye tattoo by Daniel Meyer.

Superb work, Skull & human eye tattoo by Daniel Meyer


Daniel Meyer Tattoos – Symbols of the Soul:

Daniel Meyer, aka Leitbild, is a black ink tattoo artist from Kassel, Germany who specializes in dark symbolism and occult imagery. Working only in black ink, Meyer creates both texture and shading in his tattoo designs by utilizing a technique known as dot work, in which the artist uses varying sizes of dots and places the pinpoints of ink at greater or smaller distances apart to create light or dark shades.

Leitbild offers a variety of line widths in his tattoo designs that add depth and visual appeal, which, along with geometric shapes and organic forms, create an overall aesthetic that is powerful and appealing. The majority of Daniel Meyer’s tattoos have occult symbolism in the form of eyes, skulls and spiritual symbols such as sacred geometry and mandalas; subject matter that defines the artist’s style. Although each of his tattoos is custom-made for his clients, keep in mind that Meyer’s style is very specific and wouldn’t suit sweet, cute or otherwise light-hearted subject matter. Subjects that often appear in Daniel Meyer’s tattoo designs are animal skulls, insects, geometric shapes, human eyes, mandala flowers and birds.