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Lovely small skull, finger tattoo.

Lovely small skull, finger tattoo.

Finger ring tattoos: 

Finger tattoos have a very long tradition of being worn by people especially women on their ring finger that bore the name of their husband. However, today, the finger embellishments have become a part of male fantasy too and their position is not restricted to a single finger only among the fairer sex. Now they are being worn on as many fingers as the person likes and the number of images on a single finger can also be more than one or two.

Love letter, small pretty tattoo.

Love letter, small pretty tattoo.


Small heart tattoo design:

The small heart tattoo design is a very popular design. Small heart tattoos are especially popular with women who are looking for something different than flowers, stars, dragons, and other more traditional tattoo designs.
The tattoo design need not be limited to just the heart itself. For those looking for a more personalized design, the heart can be combined with many other types of tattoo designs to create a more unique style. For example, a small heart may be combined with a flower, or perhaps with a dragon or star or in that case with letter. This kind of combination can be designed to meet your own personal tastes.
Another way of personalizing the design is to add a name into the design to convey an emotional attachment to someone. You may have seen small heart tattoos with a loved one's name, living or departed, clearly inked around the small heart.The small heart, due to its small size, can be very versatile. It is desirable to those who already have small or large tattoos. But the small heart is especially desirable for those who are looking for their first tattoo, and want it to be a more discreet tattoo design.

Awesome feather small neck tattoo.

Awesome feather small neck tattoo

Feather Tattoo Design Ideas


If you want one of those wacky and stylish tattoo designs which are unique and exotic, then you can consider opting for feather designs. This article helps by providing some ideas for the same.
Feather tattoos are one of the unique designs that very few people get engraved. They have very interesting meanings and can be made on any part of your body. Having a single or many of them can also symbolize different things like spirituality, creativity, or freedom. You can have feather designs of any birds you like. Most people go for those of a peacock or an eagle, as they are beautiful and symmetric. Here are some great ideas that you can choose from.

Feather tattoos

These are commonly associated with many Native American cultures, in which some birds such as the Eagle, Ostrich Plume, Egret, etc., were considered holy or strong and their feathers represented their characteristics. Eagle feathers were considered sacred and were worn by powerful men like Chieftains, Healers, and Elders. This was a strong feather tattoo meaning, interpreted by many people to get them done and even today, is used as a reason for the same.

Beautiful elegant small fingers tattoos.

Beautiful elegant small fingers tattoos

Finger Tattoos

Hands and fingers are visible parts of the body, and hence, considered as one of the best places to showcase your art to people. However, some people may argue that as there is hardly any space on the fingers, one may have limited options for tattoo designs. This is true, but, there are several designs and patterns that can be used for making finger tattoos. Secondly, many people do not wish to have larger tattoos made on their body, as they may not be approved in certain societies or communities. These people prefer the finger or ring tattoos, as they are smaller in size and not obviously eye-catching!

Finger Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos can be made on the front, back or even lateral side of fingers. As you can see from the pictures above, there are several designs and patterns that can be used for making tattoos on fingers. You can take a cue from these pictures, or choose from the ideas given below.

Awesome blue starfish tattoo for girls.

Awesome blue starfish tattoo for girls.

Starfish Tattoos:


Since starfish is a marine animal, it is considered to be symbolic of sea. A much deeper meaning is attached to this sea creature due to its peculiar characteristics. It is a symbolic tattoo that does have religious connotations. The starfish represents the Virgin Mary or the Stella Maris (Star of the Sea). It may represent the Polaris, the navigational aid for the sailors. The tattoo of a starfish may be a symbol for the divine love and guidance of Virgin Mary who helps the followers emerge unscathed through the trying times.
Several other attributes are also associated with the starfish. It is also associated with inspiration, brilliance, vigilance, and intuition. Regeneration is another attribute of these aquatic creatures. A starfish can shed an arm that may be in a predator's grip or drop off an arm to get away from the predator. What's interesting is that a starfish can regenerate limbs. This is the reason why starfish are associated with healing and regeneration. Thus, it may be symbolic of the strength to overcome sorrows and come out of a crisis a much stronger person.

Nice stars small tattoo for girls.

Nice stars small tattoo for girls.

The meaning of star tattoos

If you need to analyze the general meaning of these tattoos, you need to ask yourself, what do stars stand for? Stars stand for ambition, goals, aims, enlightenment, knowledge and beauty. Like you could get a star tattoo at a new beginning in life, when you have a brand new goal. Or it could be done to celebrate a bright moment in your life. They could stand for your dreams, or your choices, too. Let's break it down and understand meanings with reference to tattoo designs.

Lightning bolt & glasses (Harry Potter) - smart tiny tattoo.

Lightning bolt  & glasses (Harry Potter) - smart tiny tattoo.

Smart tiny tattoo:

Tiny tattoos is the minimal way to express someone with very few, too many. Like this Harry Potter version.

Bats shoulder small tattoo.

Bats shoulder small tattoo.

Small tattoos.

Small tattoos are one of the most popular forms of body art in the world. Those fly bats are excite the imagination. They are trendy, sexy and feminine.

Tiny flying birds tattoo.

Tiny flying birds shoulder tattoo for girls.

Tiny tattoos for girls:

Small tattoo designs are popular amongst girls because they look more delicate and feminine. These tattoos are also used to hide a birthmark, or a blemish.
Another reason for their popularity is that some women are not comfortable with big tattoos that cover the entire hand, or leg. Such tattoos require minimum aftercare compared to big tattoos.There are many beautiful designs available in tiny tattoos. They are simple and elegant in their appeal.
Too much of color, or detailing can ruin their look. Also, it is always better to have a tattoo done with a meaning. Go for some deep feeling that you would want to acknowledge. It can be for someone you love -- a parent, friend, sibling, or your life partner. We have some tiny tattoo designs lined up for you, which will enable you to make a choice.

Bicycle - cute small tattoo.

Bicycle - cute small arm tattoo

Small tattoos.

Even though one might not like to admit, there is clearly a choice difference between guys and girls tattoos. Girls generally like cute looking tattoos. Even small tattoos are preferred more by girls. Small tattoos look as good as extensive tattoos and there are also many other benefits of them.

Cute small back neck tattoo.

Cute small feminine tattoo.

Small Feminine Tattoos:

Tattoos are reflections of your truest feelings. If you find large tattoos a bit too ostentatious for your liking, you can always consider small tattoo ideas and discuss them with your artist.
If you can't get a big one, get a small one. A tattoo, with its sophisticated charm which can get the required attention at its tattooed person's demand.