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Two parrots in love. Αwesome wrist tattoo.

Two parrots in love. Αwesome wrist tattoo.

Parrot tattoos

Parrot tattoo symbolizes spring and fertility as well as imitation due to its ability to mimic. In Hinduism, it is associated with Karma, love, prophecy and rainmaking.

Placement Options for Wrist Tattoos

There are three basic placement options which you can consider while getting a wrist tattoo. Inner wrist is the most popular placement area for wrist tattoos. This placement ensures that the tattoo is not highly visible, but enough noticeable as well. Moreover it can be easily kept hidden if you don't want to show it off. Top side of the wrist is an option that is known to be the most daring, as a tattoo inked on this area is high visible.

Massage on your wrist. White ink tattoo.

White ink quote tattoo on wrish a beautiful massage

White Tattoos on Wrist.

In spite of various complications and low success rate, white tattoos have become a recent trend in the market. Let's dig some more information, to know about this recent style statement.
In recent years, white ink has gained popularity among tattoo-lovers. Because of the various complications and uncertainty of the results, these tattoos are preferred to be small in size and that makes them best to be placed on wrist. A small bird, small star, a simple word or any kind of simple design, can give the tattoo a meaningful appearance. These tattoos are very personal, they are more for your delight than others as the white ink is not easily noticed by the people around you. These tattoos are best for work places, where you cannot have a tattoo without your boss' permission or where you are worried about some corporate law.


Points to Remember Before Going for a White Tattoo

Following are some of the things you need to keep in mind before getting a white tattoo:

Awesome eyes wrist tattoo!

Awesome eyes wrist tattoo!

Wrist tattoos:

Those are three things you absolutely must know about if you want to choose great wrist tattoos for girls. Do you know what most people do, though? They get existed by the first hint of half decent artwork and settle on something that they will later regret. That's where patience comes into play, but how do you get a "good eye" when selecting wrist tattoos?
This is something that most people never even think about, yet it's the most crucial aspect of picking tattoo designs. With out a good eye, you will end up settling on something generic, which always, always leads to regret. You need a good eye when it comes to three things: Color, shading and originality. Let me break these down for you, so that you know exactly what to look for when it comes to any design choices you might want when picking wrist tattoos.

Awesome wrist watch tattoo!

Awesome wrist watch tattoo!

Wrist Tattoos:

Wrist tattoos are sexy, bold, and look great on just about anyone. With wrist tattoos gaining more and more popularity, it's no surprise that you're searching for design ideas as well. Read the following article for information on different design ideas...
The first thing anyone does, whenever the decision of getting a tattoo is made, is find a design that fits them best. Tattoos are very personal and they speak about the person who wears them. Although this type of body modification has been around for centuries, many cultures and societies still haven't accepted it with open arms. However, that hasn't stopped those who favor it.

Simple & strong message wrist tattoo.

Simple & strong message lettering tattoo.

Tattoo Quote Ideas

Many people go in for tattoo quotes as an interesting option. Read the following article to get interesting tattoo quote ideas that you can draw inspiration from.
Different reasons drive different people to get tattooed. And with tattooing comes a world of options to choose from. While several people choose this body art and get tattoo designs in the form of pictures, many have been using the option of quotes and sayings to get themselves inked. There's a mystery in the written word, it is said, and that is what appeals to the takers of this form of body art. With the varied options that are now available as part of tattoo quotes, it has become easier for people to choose from and work with these. In the following article we will be looking through some interesting tattoo ideas that can be taken for inspiration and worked with to create that perfect tattoo design and lettering.