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Lower Back Tattoo Design for Girls

Lower Back Tattoo Designs for Girls

Lower back tattoo designs

We all are very well aware of the fact that there are a very few people who are actually capable of carrying great designs on their body. The number gets drastically low when the comparisons come down to the girls. This means that the number of girls who can actually carry out great tattoo designs on their body is excessively low in number. However, this does not mean that not all the girls are incapable of doing so. Quite a few numbers of girls can carry lower back tattoo designs with great flamboyance and an attitude, which even men cannot. Because,The girls have areas on the body that can specifically carry a certain piece of the designs better than anybody else can. However, there are not a lot of body parts that can carry big designs, but places like the arm, the wrist and the lower back are perfectly placed parts of a woman to carry and flaunt great tattoo designs.

Red hot chili pepper 3D tattoo.

Red hot chili pepper lower back 3D tattoo.


Beautiful Lower Back Tattoos for Women


There are various designs for these tattoos. You can also experiment a lot here, as a lot of space is available. Just take an idea from one of the basic tattoo designs and add your creativity to it!


Heart Tattoos


The beauty of the heart tattoos is bought out the best when they are done on the lower back. And that's the reason why heart lower back tattoos have gained so much of popularity.
There are many designs available in heart tattoos and you can choose according to your personal liking. If you want some delicate design, you can go for the design of a simple shaded heart. Ask the tattoo artist to fill red color for the heart and gray, black or brown color for the shade. Alternatively, you can keep the same design but fill the heart with some images, like a valley or waves. They look simply cool! But remember to cover only the half heart with the image, as it makes it realistic. Other designs available are: heart with angel wings, broken heart, stitched heart, or even a cupid struck heart! Tribal heart tattoos for women also look good and more unique than others.

Handsome lower back tattoo.

Handsome lower back tattoo for girls.


Top 5 Lower Back tattoos Designs:

Star tattoos – It’s unusual but they are one of the tattoos in this category, because they are able to gain men’s attraction. Most common are 3 beautiful blue stars.

Butterfly lower back tattoos

– they are soft and sexy and are good to express your sexual style. They have no critics at all and it’s really big benefit.